What is the High Wire Lab?

A music series that elevates the experience between the artist and the audience. It engages with audiences ready to be educated, enlightened, informed, and challenged. To walk the high wire is to reach for truth, to take bold steps towards what’s next.

Featured Performances



June 28, 2019
7:30 p.m.
Holding House


Join Eighth Blackbird for a celebration of the Blackbird Creative Lab, a summer program Eighth Blackbird initiated in 2017. Eighth Blackbird will be joined by three lab alumni groups — ~Nois, Juxtatonal (who formed at the Lab in 2017) and The Furies — in a performance featuring several lab alumni composers who represent some of the most innovative and appealing voices of a new generation: Gemma Peacocke, Molly Joyce, Nina Shekhar, Fjola Evans and Danny Clay. The evening will start with Björk’s The Pleasure is All Mine and culminate in a performance of Julius Eastman’s seminal 1971 work, Stay On It, performed by everyone

BJÖRK | The Pleasure is All Mine
JOYCE | Less is More
CLAY/PARK/PARK | Opposites
SHEKHAR | Food Fight
EVANS | Eroding
EASTMAN | Stay On It