3 Tips to a More Meaningful New Music Experience

Detroit-based soprano and New Music Detroit vocalist, Jocelyn Zelasko, discusses how to get the most out of contemporary music.

Jack Of All Trades or Master Of Them All? Cross-Genre Creative Gambling

In the earliest days of her career, Danielle Eva Schwob was told to specialize. She never did.

A Discussion with Sonya Belaya

Master Guide to Improving Autistic Accessibility in Music

An organized, actionable reference guide to help you enact a permanent framework for autistic accessibility in your musical efforts.

Retaking the Stage: What Artists Can Be in Our Society

It’s not as much about attracting new audiences as it is about retaking the stage for what artists can be in our society. Music and performance is an incredibly powerful way to connect people. We doubt that power. We doubt the power we have to move and connect. Can we prove ourselves wrong?

The Blackbird Creative Lab: a Photo Journal

Saxophonist Nick Zoulek, one of this year's Blackbird Creative Lab fellows, also took his camera along to document his experiences.

Plus Ça Change: Florence B. Price in the #Blacklivesmatter Era

Is the sudden widespread interest in Price’s music a convenient fad? Are predominantly white institutions exploiting her legacy for short-term gain—what Nancy Leong has called “racial capitalism”? These are the right questions to ask.

Progressive Chamber Music

The aesthetic of the Sirius Quartet and Our Progressive Chamber Music Festival is an expression of the ongoing blending resulting from the gradual breakdown of the barriers between contemporary academic music and popular and folk music traditions.

In Defense of Jazz

Jazz rose to become a symbol first for a kind of celebration in the face of oppression, then a renegade cool, and—increasingly—an intellectual richness and artistry. How did it go from that august status to one where it exists in the imagination of American popular culture simply to be mocked?

Ageism in Composer Opportunities

Discrimination against someone of the “wrong” color, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation is generally frowned upon in modern society. Progress has been made on these fronts to change peoples’ thinking and to embrace inclusion. However, progress is still needed in the area of discrimination on the basis of a person’s age.

Saving The Earth–Artist/Activists for the Environment

It's obvious that our physical world is in deep trouble. Old and new technologies are out of control - polluting our air, water and soil.Six women artists ask the question " What is it that we, ordinary people, can do to force our governments to stop murder of the earth?"

Sky Macklay: Why I Love Weird Contemporary Music

Sky Macklay is a highly conceptual composer who typically gets a flash of inspiration for a concept before she writes a single note.

What the Optics of New Music Say to Black Composers

The absence of black composers’ in academic institutions tells black composers they are not wanted, no matter how much success they gain. New music has done very little to change the expected optics of classical music, which is why new music’s identity problem is what it is today.

Build the Playground: Carolyn O’brien on Composing Through Depression

Composer Carolyn O'Brien calls on her ingenuity and strength to compose through, and with, severe depression. Read on how she copes, what lengths shes had to go though to keep composing and what made her understand she was living with a mental illness

Student Debt is a Music Policy Issue

It's no secret that there's a student loan crisis in the United States. It's also no secret that this crisis affects the music community. While an investment in education has proven benefits, students must be equipped with the risks and rewards.

The Power of Creation in an Age of Destruction

All societies in decay make war with artists and intellectuals because they offer ideas that make people uncomfortable. What are you here to say?

Creativity Born of the Detroit Experience

Virgil Taylor, creator and curator of the Urban Requiem Project discusses his influences as an artist in Detroit, how the Urban Requiem Project comes together to create experiences and what to expect at Scene + Unseen on November 16, 2018.

The Generalization Generation

When we elevate a certain kind of craft and its formal concerns above all else, this kind of gate keeping doesn't just hurt young composers, it shuts out other potential potential voices, marginalized voices, voices that could bring new life to new music.

Playing Like a Girl: The Problems With Reception of Women in Music

Any new music has problems with reception, but women, in particular, have problems with reception in music.

A Listening Guide to Unrecordable Electronic Music

Concerts involving technology often impress the audience with cutting-edge gear and new sounds, but what is there beyond the novelty? This article will delve into how to spot and appreciate the artistic decisions and craftsmanship in composing and performing music written for the electronic ensemble that uses computers, game controllers, boxes with buttons as main instruments and more.

This is What Democracy Looks Like: Music Advocacy on Capitol Hill

We know that the life-changing capacity of music is worth fighting for, but can its voice be heard on Capitol Hill?

Music is the Lifeblood of Detroit

Marcus Elliot was one of four Detroit-based musicians tapped for the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival’s “Audio/Visual: Muse at the Museum” performance on June 15, 2018. Along with his close writing partner Michael Malis, the two are ready to take the city’s jazz and new music scenes by storm.

Beauty is Revolution

Beth Anderson discusses her journey to discovering what beauty in music means to her.